Saturday, May 18, 2013

ZOOM! Tony Tony Chopper - P.O.P Edition-Z

Today we're about to review the first standard Edition-Z figure, it's the Tony Tony Chopper figure, the cutest pirate ever! He's back with a red-pirate style and a bunch of weapons... Another figure signed Jyango that belongs to the One Piece Z movie series.

Megahouse is releasing the Mugiwaras with a new theme for the 4th time, After the Neo, Strong Edition and Sailing Again series, it's time to get the Edition-Z Mugiwaras. The specification of this theme is the true traditional pirate style, boats, coarts weapons and even beards, with the One Piece touch of course! This Chopper figure has all that it needs to meet these conditions...

Chopper comes with 3 hats: a red large pirate hat with a very nice and voluminous feather tail, the classic Doctor Hiluluk hat and a white-dotted blue bandana. He wears striped baby clothes with red and white colors and a long pink coat with golden edges. The painting job is very nice, and is a success, especially that this is a small figure and details are harder to execute.

Guns, belt and sword... Chopper is heavily armed and ready for the war! The arsenal's most attractive point is the gold shiny color, the weapons are bigger than the body which gives a cute and funny look to Chopper. These gadgets make of this figure a complete set and give it a very good evaluation note. We're glad with this release and looking forward for the next Edition-Z figures... Stay tuned!