Saturday, May 4, 2013

ZOOM! Chopper BEAMS T Ver. - P.O.P Edition-Z

The Beams T. Limitation series is growing up with that figure, Tony Tony Chopper BEAMS T Ver. - P.O.P Edition-Z is the fourth piece in this Monochromatic Limited collection. Released before the standard version, this limited edition is so cute and deserve a closer look on it...

The monochromatic style of this figure is impressive, the painter applied very specific gradients between black and white on each part of Chopper and its accessories, so it can mainly give light/shadow and dimension effects, and avoid boring repetition of the gradients.

Chopper looks so cute in his (SPOIL) early age (SPOIL), it's related to the Z movie but I think that almost all of us have already watched it (you can always buy the DVD that will be released this month). The figure comes with 3 different hats: Doctor Hiluluk, Dots Bandana, and the Pirate Hat. He wears a very cute striped Tee-shirt and a long cape, and concerning the weapons, he's heavily armed with a pair of guns on his back and a long sword on his left hand (didn't know that Chopper was lefty)! Enjoy it ^^