Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ZOOM! Marshall D. Teach Ver.1.5

Marshall D. Teach gets a new figure that meets with his villain character! The Blackbeard pirates' captain is seriously angry and wicked this time and this comeback of him is just a very big one!

Actually, this is another 1.5 delivered by Megahouse, after Ace and Lucci, it's the turn of Teach to get his perfect re-model; revisited facial and repaint are there to make of this figure an ultimate piece. The DX version's face was appreciated by almost all the fans until Megahouse break the rule with the new one, they really proved how far they can push the level of expression and details to perfectly bring a Manga character from paper to PVC model. Just look at this face and compare it to the old one, MASTERPIECE! It also comes with two faces, the only difference between both of them is the insanity level. Second face comes with red-angry eyes and a crazy scaring sight.

Colors for this new version are revisited too, they are less bright than the DX's and closer to the original colors that BlackBeard used to have in the Manga/Anime. His jacket is a red that leans towards orange in place of burgundy red, his cape is less bright too and his weapons are repaint with shiny colors. Despite the DX colors are better (in term of taste), the new figure keeps the "most faithful" title for it. But as I said, it's just a matter of taste... and economy since the old Teach is sold for some expensive prices now, I find it clever from Megahouse to release a new version now, it helps a lot the persons who are almost desperate to not spend a fortune for that pirate.