Saturday, March 9, 2013

ZOOM! Shiliew DX

Shiliew of the Rain was a Chief Guard of Impel Down until he was imprisoned for his excessive violence towards the prisoners, and now, he's in our figure collections as a member of the Blackbeard Pirates! Such a great piece really made my day, Shiliew's got a very charismatic look and a very dynamic but customizable pose, join us to discover why this figure is a must have...

This figure's got many good points, first of all, Shiliew is the first Blackbeard pirates to get a figure after Teach, even that we didn't had a chance to see him a lot in the main story, but Shiliew will get for sure a very important role when time comes, The Blackbeard pirates have certainly their weight in One Piece now...

The figure is big enough, it's well standing and the pose of Shiliew is badass! It's customizable, there is more than 3 possibilities to make with it. Attack position is my preferred one, the way that Shiliew holds his Katana makes me think about his strength, but in term of figure collecting, this is so cool to see!

Shiliew wears an officer uniform, a long white-yellow and black jacket over it, draped over like a cape, a black officer's hat with a red stripe that has white ear-flaps on the sides, and maroon gloves. The kanji on the back of his jacket reads Goku (獄), which means "prison". The details on his clothes are nice and deep, just like the colors. The paintings are nice with a glossy effect on the uniform, the hat and the gloves.

The sword that Shiliew wields has a long blade with a square guard. Half of its sheath is white, while the other half is red. It's finely made and the shape of the sword is excellent. It's something that I love a lot with the P.O.P figures, the swords are always excellent, I enjoy the sound it does when inserting/ejecting it from the guard, including Shiliew's one!