Sunday, March 31, 2013

ZOOM! Boa Hancock Ver. Blue

Here we go with a new ZOOM and it's for Boa Hancock; the most beautiful woman in all the One Piece world! Her legendary beauty is compared to the beauty of mermaids! This is true, not only for the anime but also for her P.O.P figures. Boa Hancock makes a comeback this month with a very great repaint of her DX figure, and it doesn't exclude the previous rule!

This blue-repaint is great! Details are same as the DX Boa, except a new face showing a sexy and cute wink from the Kuja Tribes empress. Her new face is really adorable and shows her great beauty that stoned the heart of many of us! Concerning the figure, it's a perfect replicate of the first edition, but as exception, the colors that look really great!

The blue shining scheme of the figure is very great, deeply colored and carefully applied. But why blue? Only Manga readers can know this! Actually, after the time-skip her attire looks the same as when she was first introduced, except it is colored blue. So this is a "some kind" of a Sailing Again Boa, that's why many of the collectors think that this figure is a must have. And that's why I keep saying: I LOVE YOU BOA! <3