Friday, March 15, 2013

Ace Lawson Limited: Rarest P.O.P ever!

Portgas D. Ace Metallic Ver. - P.O.P Neo EX becomes definitely the most rare P.O.P figure ever! With only 100 issues around the world, this figure can't be found nowhere, except if you're lucky enough... In January 2011, Lawson released this metallic version of NEO-DX Ace. This version could only be won through a 1 month campaign. Here is more details about this figure and about the lottery game.

In January 2011, Lawson released a metallic version of NEO-DX Ace, also dubbed Marineford Ace by fans, with only 100 issues ever made. Despite being very limited, it was marked with the regular Excellent Model logo instead of the Excellent Model LIMITED one. This version could only be won through a 1-month campaign, which started on August 10 and finished on September 6, 2010, to go along the announcement of the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the movie Strong World, the Lawson ARG One Piece Stamp Rally (ARG stands for Alternative Reality Game, i.e. using augmented reality).

To participate in this campaign, you had to install the Lawson ARG One Piece application on your iPhone 3GS/4 (as it did not work on other types of iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and very badly on iPhone 3G), follow a Log Pose that would appear on screen until reaching a real Lawson shop, buy some eligible products like rice balls/onigiri, and try to gather 5 different "stamps" that would appear by inputting 16-digit numbers, given with your printed receipts. When succeeded, you could choose which prize you would participate for, lottery results being announced late October 2010.

The prizes were:

  • 30,000 sets of 4 "Strong World" postcards,
  • 5,000 sets of 2 "Strong World" clear files,
  • 100 figures of Ace metallic version.

Now back to the figure, the figure is a metallic repaint of the DX Ace, colors are brighter and nicely shiny, just like the other Lawson limitations. There is no changes on the figure, nor on color choices, except for Ace's log pose which is opaque now, the base looks brighter too, that's all. There is no real changes on the figure, but it became the rarest POP figure ever, because of its low reproduction  there is only 100 lucky collector around the world who have it, for those who wants is, you sure have to pay a fortune, last time saw this figure was on MANDARAKE for ¥200,000.