Monday, February 4, 2013

ZOOM! Perona Sailing Again

Hey guys, here we go for another review, and today, we're about to review 2013's first P.O.P released figure, Sailing Again Perona! The Gothic princess is back with a new figure presenting her after the time skip, and believe me, she's got a big revamp!

Perona is a very popular character, at least, her Neo DX figure was very popular (classed 5th popular P.O.P in MFC), so a better figure of her is certainly more popular! I said better because it's really a very successful figure, everything looks pretty and well made. Most attractive thing is her mature GothLoli style: long black strapless dress with lavender ruchings and a stylish cross on it, red high heeled boots and a big black top hat with a white floral decor. Everything is very detailed, the Lavender color is so fresh and smooth. Like you can see on the photos, these excellent ruchings are making the dress expand in volume which is really great to see! The hat's size is perfect and the flowers on it just make it looks fantastic! We all know how Perona stands, her feet are usually seen with her toes pointing inwards in a 'pigeon-toed' manner with her bright-red boots. The colors of her clothing are very matching together and the smooth painting style makes it better and deeper.

Despite her non-expressive face, Perona remains very cute, Aijiken knew how to transmit this to the figure, her face looks so cold which is faithful to the character. In term of details, the figure is perfect! The bat tattoo on her left arm is well printed, her watch is the most epic part because it contains all the details, and you can even see the time on it! (But not gonna tell you what time is it!), her hair is in 6 spiral braids on the back and 2 frontal ones with gradient paintings. So, the smallest things we can say are awesome, faithful and cute!

Perona comes with 3 of her cronies; Kumashi and 2 Horo-Horo ghosts! Kumashi looks so cute and innocent! Another positive point for that figure, because we waited for it with the first Perona release, and it's very smart to bring it now with the Time Skip version. Lovers will love! The Horo-Horo ghosts are pretty cute too, the smiles are so funny, especially that one with the tongue-out face! The ghosts are made with a transparent material, then been paint to add some opacity. The pegs to hold the ghosts have been improved with some little shanks on the bottom and they are always transparent and thin.

This figure is an epic win, Megahouse always keeps its promises concerning figures quality, and this Perona proves that the P.O.P are the best One Piece figures ever!