ZOOM! Killer - P.O.P Neo DX

P.O.P Neo DX Killer was released in December 2012 with Eustass "Captain" Kid. Both of these figures are really awesome! We already reviewed Kid before and it's time to take a closer look to his subordinate! Careful guys, it may cut you!

Opting for an action pose again, Megahouse released this figure with a ready for attack position. Actually, "Massacre Soldier" Killer is standing awesomely on its yellow base wearing his Jason-style helmet. Details on this last item are great, holes are correctly aligned, the paintings good too, painters made a dirty white to show how used and old this helmet is. The paintings on each P.O.P figure are always great and deliver a deep sensations about the characters, and it's exactly what you can expect from this figure, Killer's hair is bulky and the details on it are not random. The hair is so cool waving in the air, it's also well painted with golden shiny color.

He wears a black shirt with white polka-dots and an open collar that shows his chest, with pants that resemble those worn by real world Native Americans (this style is often seen in fans of Classic Rock and Heavy Metal music). Killer also has a red sash around his waist. The details are amazing and makes a faithful description of the Rookie.

Killer scythe-bladed weapons attached to his armbands that are capable of spinning around or being used as hand scythes. So naturally, first thing we tried is to rotate his weapons, and it works! The weapons can rotate and placed however we want, this doesn't really give much freedom to expose the figure, but it's cool. Concerning the weapons, the textures on each hand give the metallic aspect, it's very well made and looks like a real piece of metal, the scratches on them are awesome too and looks perfect.

What else to say about this figure, another epic win from Megahouse that definitely deserves a place on your shelves, it's true that this figure doesn't have any alternative gadget (the detail that all of us love), but it's really a very nice figure. Personally, it made me remember the old school figures of Megahouse, when all you have to do is to unpack it and directly expose it... Nostalgia! ♥♥♥