Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ZOOM! Red-Haired Shanks Strong Edition

Today, we’re going to review a Strong Edition figure, it's Red-Haired Shanks! Shanks wasn't a real character of the Strong World film, but there was a game and there was a design of him “Strongly” suited! Megahouse decides to release the figures of Ace and Shanks and it was a success!

Despite its simple parts, this is an excellent figure that worth its price, Shanks is a real badass and completely elegant, his alligator suit and black shoes are shiny and detailed, and the coat is huge and matches very well with the rest of the design.

There is two heads for Shanks, the badass-sight-version and the Sunglasses one, both of them are pretty cool but for my preference, I pick up the first head due to the excellent details and face expression on it, the eyes are really deep and the scars on his left eye are perfect! The hair is meeting with the character too, finally a Shanks with adult hair, unlike the Neo one.

The gun - which is something available for all the Strong Edition figures (except for Nami) - is big and detailed. The precision of Megahouse's work is something that we can't discuss, it's completely perfect! There is also an alternative hand so you can chose to equip Shanks with the gun or not too. This figure is amazing, not strange from Yuuki Ishiyama to bring so much coolness into a figure! So, for all of you guys who haven't got it yet, it's an excellent figure despite the non-importance of this Shanks appearance since it never happened in the Strong World Film.