Monday, January 7, 2013

ZOOM! Eustass Kid MX

Megahouse finally released the first figure of the POP's new line: Neo MAXIMUM, it's Eustass Kid which is totally big and awesome. Been released last month, Eustass was the best conclusion to 2012 which was full of great figures. Here is our review for it!

This figure is so awesome! The sculptures are deeply faithful to the character; Kid's got 2 heads with a different facial expression for each and 2 torsos (with weapon-belt and without), each detail on this figure describes perfectly the Rookie; muscular body, bright red spiky hair, everything is perfectly matching with the character details. We can also see how much are the clothes detailed and well done, the coat is the best example for it, each detail on it is unique and it's really great!

Kid wears a belt on his chest, where there is a gun and a dagger, amazingly detailed, these weapons are not his only weapons, you all are waiting for it right? Yes, it's his giant hand!
This hand is probably the first but the only reason why this figure is "expensive" and "Maximum" classed! It's a mass of metal objects assembled in the form of a giant hand and it's stuffed of epic details, I'm not saying that to impress the readers, but it's really detailed! Almost all the metallic objects used to create this hand are identifiable: gears, barrels or cylinders, every part of this hand is so clear and detailed, which was certainly a difficulty for both of the sculpture and the manufacturing process, but they finally made it!

This is definitely a must-have figure, the quality, the details and even the character are things that no one can resist despite the price, which is not really big comparing to what you will receive, it totally worth it! So Megahouse, shut up and take my money! You're too good to resist!