ZOOM! Tony Tony Chopper "Kung-Fu Point"

Here is it! Today we're about reviewing the first alternative form of Chopper to join the POP Collection (except the Chopperman, which I don't really consider as an alternative form, but alternative character... anyway), it's Sailing Again Chopper Kung-Fu point! A ready-for-action figure which is completely cute despite the angry face!

The sculpture (which was made by Jyango, who made almost all the Chopper figures) is simple but perfect! The body is fully articulated so you can make many poses; The head and arms can rotate 360 degrees, the hoofs are ball-jointed so more freedom to move them, which gives more opportunities to custom the attack pose!

Paintings are amazing! Painted with the cares of Kei Umo (ぅもけい), the colors are so deep and makes the figures alive and close to the anime version of the character!

Another figure which is not really expensive, so I can say that it's a must have, especially if Megahouse will decide to create other alternative forms of Chopper! Who knows...