Saturday, September 22, 2012

ZOOM! Nico Robin "Sailing Again"

And here is the 7th member to join the Mugiwaras after the time-skip, the most wanted female of the One Piece universe ever is right here between your hand! And believe me, you'll love it! Let's first review the different options that this version of Robin offers. We can display it in different postures although the only real change is the arms. Between poses as "Hana hana no mi" (the use of her devil fruit) and a much more relaxed pose with a relaxed arm and hand to eye level, we will have choices (especially as sunglasses can be arranged in different ways). Unfortunately, no other accessory or even alternative face ... But it remains a very charming figure that will fully satisfy fans. You want more? You've got it! We can have a full view of the lady's pants! What can makes Brook jealous! Yohohohoho! (Click Read more to see photos)