Saturday, September 1, 2012

ZOOM! Brook "Sailing Again"

MegaHouse returns to its range Portrait of Pirates with a new version of the Mugiwaras' musician, the New World costume! So appreciate our favorite skeleton Brook "Sailing Again" Edition. He is the sixth member of the crew to join the Sailing Again Collection. Brook is in a dynamic pose as Arlong (announced simultaneously). On the display, a lot of opportunities will be offered to us since we can already choose to expose the star with or without his crown and boa. This allows us at the same time to return to a less eccentric look for the most refractory of us. We may also decide to present the katana with or without the effects of ice and we are also entitled to two alternate hands (one for each arm). The manufacturer, however, did not stop there, in fact, the face can be customized to almost any round with eyes (even if it has no eyes! Yohohoho!) Or more gathered arcades. The jaw can also be placed differently for more expressiveness. Briefly, a very successful figure!