Carue: Bootleg Review!

Hi, finally we can make a full review of the bootleg Carue that we previously talked about, it's really well done, details and quality are present, but certainly, not as the same level as the authentic Carue! Discover the biggest differences we discovered! (Click Read more to see photos)

Let's start by some pictures of the Bootleg Carue, it's nicely done, perfectly standing on its base, but without a good eye, you can't really discover if is it authentic or not! Next, comes the comparison time for all the pictures, the fake Carue is on the left, the authentic is on the right! First noticeable thing is the base, the authentic base looks more colorful than the fake, the water barrel's pipe is more shining and transparent for the authentic one too... the Authentic bags' color is more vivid and the painting is smoother. You can see here some cheap manufacturing traces when comparing the fake with the authentic! And finally concerning the box, the fake box looks crappy, and of course THERE IS NOT STICKER!!!