Monday, November 14, 2011

ZOOM! Bellemère

Bellemère (Bellmer, Belmer or Bellemere, depends how you're writing it) is now the most rare P.O.P figure ever! It's really hard to find her these days! Megahouse released it only one time and it seems that they won't re-release it again, and people are exploiting this to sell it with unbelievable prices, it varies from 500 to 1000$ (Check prices at Amazon)!!!  Enjoy these photos, and never give up hoping to get it someday! (Click Read more to see photos).


Marcio Orochi said...

OMG... I just went to check my collection (it's been closed for a long time and I forgot all the ones I bought), and I *HAVE* Bell-mère!!! From what you said, I could even pay my debts with it... but then, I'd never get it again. XD

ala21ddin21 said...

Yes, she's very rare and expensive, lucky you :)

If she's in very good condition, I can say that you have a real treasure! A One Piece :p

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