Future Figures Prediction!

Like we already said before, next exhibition of Megahouse will take place on November 23rd, 2011. It's sure that they will reveal some news about the future releases, and we will have the chance to see new photos and shots of the already known figures! BUT, the most important is WHAT SURPRISES Megahouse is PREPARING? WHAT is the NEXT SAILING AGAIN figure? WHICH CHARACTER will JOIN the Portrait Of Pirates COLLECTION? Many questions, one date for the answers! Next WEDNESDAY the Megahobby EXPO will opens its doors and there will be no secrets anymore. Of course, we will (try to) be the first to communicate the news, share the photos and the announcements! so...STAY TUNED. See you in three days :)

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  1. hoping to see Franky the most. but no rush on that i want him to be as epic as possible. anything less would be a major let down!!