Sunday, June 25, 2017

Trafalgar Law Ver.VS: Eveything we know!!!

Hopefully the next Trafalgar Law figure is not another annoying naked figure, but something different, maybe Megahouse is planning to make some action plans with the VS version! First figure to be labeled under it is this "in danger" Law. Here is what we know about!

Few days ago, a scanned page of a Japanese magazine appeared in a blog, the details weren't very visible, but we could get a bigger version of the same page, and we could get some details!

The figure's full name will be : Trafalgar Law Ver.VS - P.O.P Limited Edition, it will be released in November 2017, the price will be 11,880円 and finally the preorders will start next month, to be exact, it will be starting from July, 21st 2017.

The figure is another MAS signature, so we will have some great details as always and finally, VS is a short term for "Versus" (which is the usual thing). I personally expect to see more VS figure in the future, but I hope they will make figures that complete each others to have great scenes, a great Doflamingo and Luffy will make me reach the highest sky!!! If you do it Megahouse, we will forgive these 3 years now of naked useless releases...

See you soon for more details! Stay tuned!