Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shot of the Week Winners: Time to get rewarded!

Hello everyone, for this year, we decided to make several random rewards from time to time to thanks the guys who are contributing and sharing their pictures each week! The rewards are some coupons from Plamoya, enter to see if you are one of the lucky winners!

It's some coupons from Plamoya, we are chosing three randons winners from the first months (from January to April) highlighted shots, the winners are getting three coupons with different values, here are the coupons:

First winner - Coupon Amount: JPY3,900

Second winner - Coupon Amount: JPY2,500

Third winner - Coupon Amount: JPY2,500

Winners are selected using and people who have more than one Shot of the Week entry, had his name entered as much as he have highlighted pictures.
Finally, we have 18 entries from first of January to the last sunday of April, and they all have been entered in the website's list.

Finally, three clicks on the buton gave us, respectively, the first, second and third winners! Here is our lucky winners:

First winner:
 Second winner:
 Third Winner:

All the lucky winners will be contacted to deliver their respective coupons, using this coupons is easy, just enter it when you are making an order at Plamoya. Good luck, and see you again for the next giveaway, who knows what the rewards will be! Stay tuned!