Monday, May 1, 2017

New figures announced! Luffy, Law, Boa and Ace!

Looks like Megahouse is still having pervert plans for this year... and the next one too! Four new P.O.Ps are announced, the good news is there is no Nami (yet) but all of the characters are the same Megahouse is keeping reproducing during the last three years...

So here is it, we've got four new P.O.P figures, no repaint, no reprint but already a BB inside, Boa Hancock is back with its third Bathing Beauty figure, Ver.BB_02, I wonder when Megahouse will be done with the B letter, the lady will strip for the 100th time for the money in January 2018, shame on Megahouse using a high estimated empress as Boa for pervert purposes.

Next is a 20th anniversary Monkey D. Luffy figure, Megahouse is celebrating 20 years of One Piece with a Luffy figures, sounds very legit and I won't mind such a great event, I also think that Luffy is the most appropriate character to use for the celebration, the figure will be out in December 2017 too!

Next is another Law figure, nothing to tell about, it's Trafalgar Law Ver.VS - P.O.P Limited Edition, what is the VS? I have no idea, but I hope it's not another naked figure, a cool pose of Law is very welcomed! Release date : November 2017.

Finally, Megahouse is merging between its two One Piece lines, the POP and the VAH (Variable Action Heroes) the articulated figures they are producing, I just find them a little smaller than POP that's why I don't like them, but we'll see what is the idea of making such a move. In my opinion, it's just a way to push the sales of the VAH figures, which are not as popular as the POP line. The figure is tagged "DX", it's maybe the same old and awesome DX ace with articulations... who knows! This fusion is expected to happen in December 2017 too!

I still can't believe what's happening to this line, I'm afraid collectors are quitting after all these bad announces and releases, maybe it's my turn next... Anyway, we stay positive for Megahobby, next, we will declare war to Megahouse, stay tuned...