Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Luffy Ver.20th: digging some details!

So Megahouse is making another special Luffy figure, after a glorious KABUKI version, they announced that the next King of pirates special figure is named Ver.20th, but how will it look like? We try to answer this depending on few clues we found.

First of all, the figure is tagged Ver.20th, and this year, One Piece is celebrating 20 years, obviously this figure is happening to celebrate the same event too! Happy Birthday dear One Piece, and thank you Oda-senpai for your greatness!

OK, now we know what is the 20th, we also know that Oda made some special illustrations to celebrate the two decades, I found three, and they both have the strongest possibilities to be the figure in question, here are they:

The first one is two separate Shounen Jump magazine covers placed side to side and show a Luffy indicating 20 with his fingers. Simple Luffy but very nice.

In my opinion, the most suitable Luffy is the red one (picture number 02), he's standing up (unlike the sitting Luffy in picture 03) and the first Luffy is too simple, unless Megahouse is playing it lazy and reprinting the Sailing Again Ver.2 with different hands and fingers.

Monkey D. Luffy Ver.20th - P.O.P Limited Edition will be released in December 2017, stay tuned for more news...