Price Updated: Monkey D. Luffy GEAR 4 SA-MAX!

The monthly update of the official One Piece website have recently revealed the price of the most waited-for figure to be released this year, the other releases are already boring for the moment and hopefully, there is the new Monkey D. Luffy GEAR 4 - P.O.P SA-MAXIMUM!

So, now we know everything, we saw the colored prototype, we have the release date, and finally, the price! I bet you all know that this piece (since it's labeled MAX) will be heavy and pricey! You were right! Here you got, the new Monkey D. Luffy figure will be sold for ¥16799! Almost the price of two normal figure, and the price of three P.O.P figure back in 2010 since the P.O.P figures' prices are escalating in a horrific way... 

One last detail, the release method is still unknown, but judging on the two last MAX figures that have been sold as a "Limited, exclusive for MEGATREA SHOP, Mekke!, Toei Animation and Bandai Premium" and the preorders date (which is late April), I think it will be another limitation too, since standard preorders usually start a Wednesday at the start of the month, not at the end. But we will update when we get something!

Anyway, Here is everything we know:

  • Release date: September 2017
  • Price: ¥16799
  • Preorders: Late April
  • Class: SA-MAXIMUM
  • Sculptor: MAS