Monday, March 27, 2017

Preorder Now! Kalifa, Tashigi & Nami BB

Guys, preorders are already open since a while at some stores, we decided to take a while before posting this to decide which store is delivering the best price, so if you are looking for the next BBs' Nami, Tashigi and Kalifa, here you got served!

So this is what I found, I chose for these three figures Nippon Yasan, I found good prices with decent shipping fees, so you might get interested in this!

Kalifa Ver.BB is up for preorders for 9580¥ (94.84 USD), same price for Nami Ver.BB_03 (9580¥) while Tashigi Ver.BB_WHITE is a bit cheaper, 9380¥ (92.86 USD). You can also find the bundle that comes with a limited poster for 18,500¥ (183.15 USD), the choice is yours, and if you find some better prices, you can comment below so we add the links!