Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

It's a new year already, we're turning the wheel again and he we go for another 365 days, 12 (or maybe less) P.O.P preorders and 5 events! Things weren't the best during 2016, too much fan-service and less One Piece taste, so we're crossing the fingers for a better year, let's lift the anchor for a new journey!

Our fifth year with you and this blog, the time passed so fast that I still can't realize that it's already 5 years since we decided to start this! Thank you all for this and for this year, if things go better, we promise a very big jump that we can't announce right now, we're still studying it!

Concerning 2016, the sexiest year I've ever got too much naked girls and guys, but we've also got some nice and interesting stuff, we decided to attribute a title to 3 P.O.P each year, and here is what we got:

Figure of the Year!

Not hard to attribute this title in 2016! It's obviously the Corazon & Trafalgar Law bundle who won it! We picked it because it's not another Nami figure, Corazon deserves to join our shelves! The original base and the top notch details and respect of the characters.

Coup de Coeur!

This title is delivered for a figure for being original and excellent! When you say 2016's best surprise, you say... of course I'm not talking about any I.R.O figure here, there are surprises there, but from another angle! So, this figure took my heart and I really loved how beautiful it's looking, it's Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P KABUKI! The coolest Luffy figure you could get!

The "W.T.F" figure!

Easy to guess, yes, it's easy to guess! The W.T.F Figure prize is attributed to the most strange figure ever, it's still nice looking, but there is something weird in it, it's our dear genderbend Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P IRO! Thank you Megahouse for this one, but we could get better, maybe next time!

That's it folks! We thought we could attribute best artist title too, but there is like 2 or 3 active artists for 2016, so no need to do it, we all love MAS already ^^

I hope the 2017 will be full of good news, we are all already waiting for Monkey D. Luffy GEAR 4, so let's cross fingers for the Zoo arc characters, and maybe the next one too, Big Mom and many [SPOILERS] :p

See you soon for the first announcement! Stay tuned and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017!