Saturday, January 14, 2017

Animarket: Preorders OPEN for Zoro SOC, Luffy V2 SA & Cavendish HAKUBA face!

First bunch of preorders for 2017! Here we go again! Zoro S.O.C, Cavendish RE and Luffy Ver.2 Sailing Again are up at Animarket! Are you ready?

The preorders are finally up for these three figures, if you have missed that awesome Luffy before, here is your second chance with the ENCORE RESALE reprint! Nothing new to the figure, so you're missing nothing when comparing to the first, grab it now for 92.99 USD! Release date is May 2017.

But you're missing something with the re-edition of Cavendish, like the Barto figure, Megahouse relaunched the prince pirate with the most iconic gadget they could add to it, the HAKUBA face! The thing we wanted since the start with the first edition, not only you avoid paying crazy prices for the first edition, but you get the HAKUBA for 119.99 USD! The release date is June 2017.

Finally, the best preorders piece! The best S.O.C figure ever made is obviously this badass Zoro, this is sexy (as Megahouse wants it) and cool at the same time! Zoro is cleaning his Katana for a future release in May 2017, the price will be 104.99 USD!

That's it guys, don't forget, deadline is January 20th for the preorders! Good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS!