Jump Festa 2017: 2016, Year of The Monkey (and Big Boobs)

2016 is almost gone, we've got some good and very bad news and releases during these 12 months, too much naked bodies and few serious release, and Jump Festa will not make the exception for this year, I'm trying to keep my writings positive, but I can't... So here is the covering of the event!

I should have left this page blank, because there is nothing new in this event, remember last year's GOMU GOMU NOOO... THING! ? It's almost the same this year too, only updates of the prototypes of the three future releases... It's too much few, there is no Yuuki Ishiyama, no Fukuda Takashi and not even a single sexy figure from Aijiken...

Megahouse is over-using the talents of MAS for the S.O.C figures, hopefully they let him make that awesome Corazon & Law bundle, KABUKI Luffy and the new Luffy GEAR 4... But this is not enough Megahouse, we are hungry, and soon people will get angry... We need some real figures, people are starting to look for non-official figures to complete the collection!

It's the year of the Monkey, for real! We've got four Luffy figures this year between announcements and releases... And tons of boobs! Billions of tons of boobs! I can't say don't go and buy them, but we really need that Megahouse hears us!

I will just post some pictures from the event, thanks to our friends at ワンピースフィギュア POP 予約&新作速報 for the pictures.