Cavendish is Back With his HAKUBA Face!

Are you looking for a good decent priced Cavendish? Hard thing right? Well Megahouse is not only re-launching it but they will include something we all noticed as missing to the first figure; the Hakuba face!

Haters gonna hate, but lovers will surely love! A Hakuba face is what we all wanted for this figure, and here we got our wish comes true, too much late now, but they did it! I still don't know if I want to buy the figure again, but this face is really something! The figure will be called: Cavendish RE - P.O.P Limited Edition.

The figure preorders should be the next with Roronoa Zoro S.O.C, and the price is fixed to be around ¥11880, more expensive than the first edition, but I guess is still reasonable comparing to the actual prices.

I personally wished if the pose totally changes, but you know how lazy Megahouse is! More details will come soon! So stay tuned!