Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Zoro S.O.C Announced: Get Naked Now, Marimo!

Megahouse is announcing another S.O.C'ing figure, the fourth figure form this series is the most popular green-haired pirate, Roronoa Zoro! Yes, girls will be pleased to hear this, the pirates hunter is joining the sexy line.

Roronoa Zoro will be the next S.O.C, (even a new character with classic outfit is highly welcomed and better), green hair, muscles, scars and swords will be there for sure! We still know very few about the figure, it will be certainly MAS who's charged for making it, and will get released in May 2017.

We will maybe see the figure in the next Megahobby, with more figures (maybe), fans are getting desperate and Megahouse really need to make the P.O.P line great again! See you soon, and stay tuned!