Friday, November 25, 2016

Megahouse Teasing First Pic of Zoro S.O.C!

It's not happening yet, but we're getting some teasing pictures few hours before the Megahobby EXPO opening! Megahouse is publishing the first teasing image of the new Roronoa Zoro figure: P.O.P S.O.C! And it looks so promising!

MAS is making the fourth S.O.C figure! After Sanji, Law and Sabo, it's time for Roronoa Zoro, the first picture teasing the Mugiwara's Swordsman new figure! We're seeing Zoro taking care of his katana, and this is making some fire everywhere!

Are you excited for this S.O.C? We too are getting adrenaline overdose right now, we collected some pictures from One Piece trying to complete the pose, here is it:

The Gorosei one is the most close picture to this pose, we're so excited to see what this Megahobby will bring since Megahouse said that there will be more P.O.P there too! Don't forget guys, it's happening in few hours, so get ready for it! Stay tuned!