Sunday, October 2, 2016

Preorders Announcement! Shanks DX & Perona [SWEET]

Hey hey guys! Are you hunting a Shanks figure recently? Stop wasting your money 'cause we've got a reprint announcement today! Here is the preorders for October!

Ladies first! That's what the etiquette says, so we start with the light and colorful version of Perona! The Perona [SWEET] - POP CB-EX, a smart and vivid revamp of the Halloween-ish [GOTHIC] Perona is on preorders for this month, so since the first was a perfect Halloween gift, this one will be perfect for your lover during the Valentine's day, since its release date is late January 2016! Price is ¥8640 for One Piece's Gretel! (There is nothing with spoils, I just match with the house of chocolate)...

Cuteness is over now, get back to the serious mode, fear the red-haired, the one handed pirate, it's Shanks who's making a comeback during this month's preorders... Shanks was the third on the vote list that happened during the summer, remember it? So here is it, you wanted, you're served! Preorders should start on Wednesday, October 5th 2016, probably at the usual time at 09:00 AM (GMT) (06:00 PM Japan) (I really missed this sentence, damn! But I'm not doing a countdown)

Here is it guys, see you soon for more updates! Until there, good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS!