Monday, October 31, 2016

Preorders Announcement! Boa 3D2Y, Vivi Ver.BB & Songoku Reprint!

Remember remember, here we go November! Preorders for this month are announced, and it's Vivi Ver.BB, Boa Hancock 3D2Y and finally a reprint of the "RARE" Sengoku - P.O.P Limited Edition! Here we go!

So here is the deal for this month, Boa Hancock and Vivi Ver.BB preorders started since October 28th in MEGATREA SHOP and similar websites, so other sellers should have it soon too! (Sorry, but this is how Megahouse is dealing now, we don't get fix dates for the moment). Boa's price is around ¥9,250 and Vivi's is ¥8,400. Two princess, Vivi will get released in February 2017 while the Hebi-Hime will be available one month later, along with the third figure on this month preorders, which is Sengoku - POP Sailing Again!

Preorders for Sengoku should should start on Friday, November 4th 2016, it will be listed under a price of (expensive!) ¥13.392, and the release date is supposed to be March 2017! That's it folks! Stay tuned and HAPPY PREORDERS!