Friday, October 7, 2016

Animarket Preorders: Perona [SWEET] & Shanks DX!

Hey guys, here is your favorite monthly event, it's the moment of the launch of the preorders! Animarket are hitting again with the best offer for Megahouse's products, and we've got for 2 POP for preorders this month!

First is the second child Perona, if you got the GOTHIC version for Halloween, this one is pure chocolate and cuteness, and it's certainly for the valentine's! Perona [SWEET] - P.O.P CB-EX is listed for 85 USD, the release date is (obviously) February 2017!

OK, place now for some real pirates, it's the third release depending on the votes that happened in the summer, Shanks Neo DX is getting a reprint, so here is your second chance guys, do not miss this one for real! One of the best P.O.P ever... Red Haired Shanks is listed under a 95 USD price, same release date.

That's it guys! Good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS! Stay Tuned!