Saturday, September 24, 2016

Vivi Ver.BB & Boa Hancock Ver.3D2Y: The Naked Royalty!

Colors'em all! Megahouse is revealing the colors of the two last unpainted figures (Lao G doesn't count anymore) they revealed yet, it's two hot royal girls, the empress Boa Hancock and the pricess Nefertari Vivi, both shown almost naked for the good cause; gimme your money expand your collection!

If you already have one Boa with the red dress, another with the wedding dress, another one with blue dress and cute wink, another one with red dress and the wink, have also 3 Boa Hancock bikinis, own the red BB and ordered the gold BB, this is not enough, now you need a pink dress, with the epic and iconic pose of the empress, this will be amazing! But if we damage the dress, make booby body, this would be much better right?

Here is it guys, I'm standing face to the picture, enjoying all the good things in this figure, and having the heart broken at the same time, this would be the ultimate Boa Hancock figure if the dress were complete, for real guys, see how much the sculpture is awesome, especially her face... (whisper of desperation).

Vivi is looking good too, the covered but wet body is killing me for real, Megahouse's got great techniques to make your anger down every-time they release a naked figure, I'm going for both of these personally!

No more details for now, we will update as soon as there will be something! So until this, have a great time, and don't forget, in November, there will be the next Megahobby, and with some luck, we will get some real figures some more boobies! Hentaiiiiii!