One Piece GOLD: Vote For Redemption!

To celebrate the next One Piece movie, Megahouse decided to surprise us and announced 5 new figures!!! Errm, it's only 3 figures, no wait, I see only one there... Oh now, the decided to reprint old ones! What a surprise the greatest One Piece figures maker decided to make for their fans...

2010, One Piece: Strong World: Megahouse created 15 figures + 5 exclusive repaints to celebrate this film, it was such good collection, and thy were really popular...

2013, One Piece: Z: Megahouse strikes back again with another new line of P.O.P, called Portrait Of Pirates Edition-Z, including only 6 new figures + 1 exclusive repaint. Again, the series were a success but Megahouse decided to not produce the rest of the Mugiwara crew and to not complete the set like they did with Strong World.

2016, One Piece: GOLD: Megahouse makes its laziest way to celebrate the movie, they repainted the Boa Hancock Ver.BB figure, and now they open a vote to re-produce another figure that they already have released before and that has no relation with the movie.

I personally take this as an insult because Megahouse is keeping ignoring their fans and trying to make easy money with less efforts. But I still announce this event, because this can save your wallets guys, you know, for example, if you want a Fujitora, you have to pay almost 300 USD now to get one, so this is maybe your chance!

Votes can be done from the following page, all you have to do is to fulfill the page with the number and only the number of the figure you want to get reproduced. Here is the list of the 20 proposed figures with the respective numbers:

N°: Figure: N°: Figure:
01 11 Edward Newgate - P.O.P Neo DX
02 Portgas D. Ace 10th Anniversary Ver. - P.O.P Neo DX 12 Aokiji Kuzan 'Coat ver.' - P.O.P Neo DX
03 Sabo - P.O.P Sailing Again 13 Akainu Sakazuki - P.O.P Neo DX
04 Koala - P.O.P Sailing Again 14 Kizaru Borsalino - P.O.P Neo DX
05 Roronoa Zoro 10th LIMITED Ver. - P.O.P Neo DX 15 Issho Fujitora - P.O.P Sailing Again
06 Sanji - P.O.P Sailing Again 16 Monkey D. Garp - P.O.P Neo DX
07 Trafalgar Law Ver.2 - P.O.P Sailing Again 17 Sengoku - P.O.P Limited Edition
08 Red-Haired Shanks - P.O.P Neo DX 18 Rob Lucci Ver.1.5 - P.O.P Limited Edition
09 Juracule Mihawk Ver.2 - P.O.P Neo DX 19 Kaku - P.O.P Limited Edition
10 Marco - P.O.P MAS 20 Kalifa - P.O.P Limited Edition

That's it folks, enjoy the surprises of Megahouse! And as a reminder, there will be a new event for the last weekend of July 2016, stay tuned for the Wonder Festival 2016 [SUMMER]!