Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tashigi BB & Perona CB-EX [GOTHIC] Fully Revealed!

Are you ready guys? Because we've got some epic stuff right here! Finally, a new Perona figure is revealed, and we are totally in love with! In addition, here is a full preview of the coming Tashigi figure, gorgeous figure, very!

Actually, there will be 2 new Perona figures, first of them is the Perona CB-EX [GOTHIC], I guess the Gothic label is for the special base you see here; cute graveyard with soft shaped fog, I absolutely love this new base, looks very original! Preorders are for the next month, (we will announce it too), the price is ¥7992, a little bit expensive for a little figure, but let's just wait and see the promo pics when available! Release date is September 2016.

And finally, the sexiest (yes, it's my favorite) BB figure, Tashigi is fully colored! Enjoy the first released picture, she looks gorgeous! Preorders are also for the next month, price is ¥8856 and release date is same too: September 2016!

Finally, this is the Perona and we could understand the meaning of the [GOTHIC] label, now I really want to see how the [SWEET], the second Perona CB-EX figure that will be released in January 2017. Stay tuned for more guys, and don't forget the Megahobby this weekend!