Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Preorders Announcement! Tashigi Ver.BB & Perona [GOTHIC]!

Preorders are going to be very hot this month! Tashigi Ver.BB is the main reason, she looks very sexy in her blue swimsuit. And to add some sugar, Perona is joining with such a cute figure, the first CB Perona is here too!

Preorders are going to start this week (normally, hahaha) since Megahouse announced that Tashigi preorders are opening in Friday, June 3rd 2016, the price is ¥8856 and the release date is September 2016. While Perona (OMG, I'm still enjoying her cuteness) preorders are starting from June 7th, 2016! Perona's price is ¥7992 and the release date is same as Tashigi; September 2016!

That's it guys, I will hit you up once the preorders are open! So stay tuned and HAPPY PREORDERS!