Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Animarket: Sanji S.O.C & Rebecca Sailing Again preorders are OPEN!

I just announced it few hours earlier and now, I'm announcing the launch of the preorders! Sanji - POP Sit On a Chair (lol) is here, but Sanji never comes alone, a fresh pretty lady should comes too, and it's Dressrosa's Gladiator Princess, Rebecca - POP Sailing Again!

Animarket has just opened the preorders, and they just bring some awesome stuff! Especially if you have missed Rebecca two years ago, you certainly knows the actual price of the figure, YES, pretty expensive everywhere! So this reprint is your golden chance for redemption, use it! Rebecca is $86 only, so don't think a lot and go get her is you still don't have it, it's an amazing piece!

Sanji is sitting on his chair while we all are waiting to see him again in the story, if you miss him, this is yours XD This figure is nice, and I really like the chair and the pose of our favorite cook, Sanji is listed under $119, it's a Limited Edition and will be released in August 2016, same as Rebecca!

That's all folks! Good luck and Happy Preorders!