Thursday, March 17, 2016

ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD! A new trailer is UP!

On March 17, Japanese TV Channel Fuji TV broadcasted the very first real trailer for the upcoming One Piece movie, One Piece Film: Gold. The trailer is amazing and deserves its own post! Check out some update about the next One Piece movie!

So the movie's main antagonist is named Gild Tesoro, the leader of the Tesoro Crew and the ruler of the Gran Tesoro — the enormous golden boat that also acts as an enormous casino and entertainment facility and was recognized as a demilitarized zone by the World Government. According to Shonen Jump, Tesoro the “Casino King” is said to control 20% of all the berries in the world to the pount that he is even able to influence the world government through financial means.

Sounds interesting as a character, so we believe that this movie has a lot of potential to show! The trailer proves this, here is it guys with some pictures and details about the crew of that Tesoro! Enjoy!

Just before this trailer, a special video made for a collaboration between One Piece Film: Gold and the Japanese “Toho Cinemas” for the upcoming One Piece Film: Gold movie was aired, here is it guys!

Gild Tesoro

Baccarat, the second member of the Tesoro Crew who has a “classy attitude,” is the wielder of the “Luck-Luck” Devil Fruit and the Gran Tesoro’s concierge. She escorts the Straw Hat crew upon their arrival. People who have been touched by this mysterious woman seem to have “their luck turn,” but is it for the better…or worse?

Dice, a bulky man who is in charge of bringing “the most amazing games” to the casino’s visitors. Dice also holds a “special power,” but Jump does not go into further detail.

Mr. Tanaka, in charge of the Gran Tesoro’s security and wielder of the “Mellow-Mellow” “Fade Fade” Devil Fruit* which is said to be related to his role on the Gran Tesoro.

Carina, this person is actually the Gran Tesoro’s singing queen. She also holds a Devil Fruit power. However, the fruit’s name, let alone what it does, remains a mystery to be revealed.