Tuesday, March 22, 2016

KANPAI!: Nami is Drunk Again!

Yesterday, a new Nami figure was announced, it's a reprint of the second MUGIWARA Ver. of Nami, a good point for those who missed this beauty, but who already own the first release, don't worry guys, your figure is still a good piece of collection, this is a repaint! Can't you see the difference? I show you the 4 ones I've found!

This new version is called the KANPAI! version, Meaghouse is releasing it to celebrate 12 years of P.O.P figures (One year producing only sexy figures shouldn't be count Megahouse!), it will be released in August 2016 for a price of ¥8.300. We still don't know how will it be sold, but we know some difference that make of this Nami a repaint!

1- The red cheeks! OMG, Nami you drunk too much and now you're plotzed! The sailor's cheeks are red, certainly to go with the KANPAI label! It's nice despite that it's not very noticeable on the official pictures, but it's there! Look closer! Still don't see? I'm afraid you're drunk too!

2- The hair colors have major change, it look lighter and "matte" with less gradients, it makes me remember the Portgas D. Ace Dome Tour Limitation Ver. flames, and I like that!

3- The clothes colors, yes, the colors are slightly different on the vest and the cuff, but more noticeable on the (yummy) trousers. It's true this is lazy repaint, but they tried hahaha...

4- The base color is different, it's one color now, and it's orange. It's not that big deal, but I guess they did to make difference between both of version (marketing stuff!)

5- A guess: I bet the box-art will be different too! Rendez-vous in August!

I'm writing these and I'm feeling ironic, I'm trying to dig to find something to explain the differences between the 2 figures, so I should say it's a magnificent chance for those who missed the first release: Guys, you've got the right to get a more savage version, with deeper drunk expressions... Go home Megahouse, YOU'RE DRUNK!

Get this one if you have missed the first one, or if you can't live without a new monthly Nami figure! Good luck guys!