Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wonder Festival 2016 [WINTER]: IT'S TWENTY SEXTEEN!

OK here we go to review 2016's first event. Wonder Festival 2016 [WINTER] happened the previous week, there were no real surprises, but it was not that bad too...

Megahouse continues its P.O.P lovers genocide for all 2016, since -as previously announced- the P.O.P lines will continue with Bikini and Genderswaps until October. So here is the first revealed figures of 2016!

Tashigi Ver.BB - P.O.P Limited Edition: Yes, they announced it, they exposed it, and now we want this! Finally, some new sexy female character! Tashigi is looking so embarrassed with her swimsuit, and this is very "Sexy". I bet the colored prototype will look way more better, I really can't wait! But wait, MEGAHOUSE, WE NEED a Sailing Again too! Release date is September 2016.

Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P I.R.O: This is really "meh", She-Luffy looks different from the original sketch made by Oda Eiichiro, is it really official product? I let you decide by comparing with this picture! But it's still a nice figure, I like the skirt very much! (nose bleeding). She-Luffy's release date is October 2016, so let's hope this will be the end of the Pervert-era of piracy...

Sanji - P.O.P SOC (or Limited Edition, the class is still incomprehensible): He's got colors! The first Limited Sanji figure is extraordinary, colors are really good, it gave the figure deep dimension and made of it a classy item. The muscle on his chest are a little over exposed (probably sexy fanservice) but the figure stays at a very high level of awesomeness and quality. A must get! (I'm a boy, and straight) Enjoy these shiny shoes now, but you can only get them in August 2016!

This is it folks, at least it's better than nothing like the previous expo, Megahouse is still continuing its fanservice stuff, our hope is when the Dressrosa arc will hit its last episode and move to the next arc, introducing new characters and events... So, until this day, I suggest you to be very patient, because if you guys are reading the manga, you know that we're about to get some heavy, very heavy-nuclear-hot-events!