Thursday, February 25, 2016

Details Updated: P.O.P... SIT ON A CHAIR!

Hey guys, I come today to finally explain a very big mystery (irony) about Sanji's new figure! The S.O.C one, the meaning on the S, O and C is... ! Here are all the new details we have about this figure!

OK, it's not that much important, but S.O.C means Sit On a Chair! Creative name or lazy creation, I'm not sure but I like this idea (while I am afraid to see more lazy characters laying on chairs too). So the new figure is a limited edition, exclusive for MEGATREA SHOP, Mekke!, Toei Animation and Bandai Premium websites, (standard limitation) but sellers like Animarket will have it for sure.

The figure is made by MAS, it makes 13cm of height and will be released in August 2016, so preorders are going to happen in April (it's not official yet, but it's clear to see).

That's all for now, I leave you with this amazing page from Hobby Japan 2016, 4th number and stay tuned!