Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jump Festa 2016: GOMU GOMU NOOO... THING!

The last event of 2015, the Jump Vesta 2016, took place during the previous weekend, we were all excited (but less than usual, because of the lack of the sexy figures this last period) for this event, and we were all happy with the result! 0 new revealed figures! WOW, what an exploit Megahouse! Congrats! But still, we were a little bit disappointed for the colored figures, 2 of the new figures revealed during Megahobby EXPO 2015 [AUTUMN] were colored, isn't this too much for our little brains?

Yes, I went for a little irony as introduction, because events like this aren't everyday, and I have to stay awake for a very late hour, with a vibrating heart, hoping for some badass and awesome new figures, real new figures of other characters that deserve the honor to join the P.O.P line... I'm not disappointed because I spent extra hours awake, I'm talking about that disappointment feeling once first pictures are leaking from the event, you keep hope for something fresh, you keep hope for another amazing year of collecting, of making new concepts of your shelves, but suddenly, you just see that you're getting only another XXth Bikini figure, and still no Kin'emon, Buggy (Oda's favorite antagonist character) or any other character that worths it...

I'm not saying that I'm not loving these Bikini girls, no I really adore, and will get them too, but I think that we should get something exciting with them too, why don't we get both; some sexy girls and boys, some serious and badass figures with their original outfits. Fans will love this idea!

I'm not going to review this Jump Festa (even that I think that I already did here), there is very little to show, except the extraordinary new Monkey D. Luffy - P.O.P KABUKI, we finally are able to enjoy some real visual pleasure on this statue! In addition to the rich sculpt that MAS perfectly created, the colors are from another level of pleasure, it's really a rich figure that I bet no one would miss!

Anyway, here is what we've got on this show, I really hope for better revelations during the next year, 2015 was good at start, but the ending is different... See you soon at the Wonder Festival [Winter] 2016.