Sunday, November 29, 2015

P.O.P I.R.O - Fanservice: Next LEVEL!!!

During the Megahobby EXPO 2015 [AUTUMN], we discovered another new P.O.P figure classification which is "special", it's called P.O.P I.R.O, what's special with this class is that the first figure is a she-Trafalgar Law! Yes, a female version of a male character! Some people found it weird while others are already asking about the release date... We'll tell you all what we know about this!

So, this she-Trafalgar Law is here, when I saw it the first time I was like "What are they doing!". It's not like they are running out of ideas and characters to make a female Law version! Many people on the internet are thinking that this is just a vulgar figure made by Megahouse to make more money. But guys, this figure is based on a drawing made by Oda Eiichiro himself, and not a fan nor a cosplay design!

Actually, Oda Eiichiro was asked by fans to draw how the Shichibukai and the Eleven Supernovas will look if they were gender-swapped with the Horu Horu no Mi ability, The result came with these amazing drawings:

SBS Volume 72

SBS Volume 76

You do remember the Horu Horu no Mi devil fruit right? Emporio Ivankov's great abilities are affecting our figures now! After all, it's not really terrible to get some special figures like that, I still keep saying that is better than colored Chopperman or another Nami Bikini figure (oops, they made it again!)

It's possible now to get another gender-swapped figure in the future, I don't think they will make a lot, since we don't already have all the real Supernovas yet! Maybe a Kid and a Croco-boy will see the day, maybe not... While it's a nice idea from Megahouse, but I still prefer to get an Ivankov figure or any other character that never got a P.O.P yet...

Thanks to Danny Irawan for this amazing art!