Friday, October 23, 2015

Monkey D. Luffy Ver.2: Colors Unleashed!

Hey guys! Now the preorders of Corazon & Law are gone, let's get back to get some more good news! Monkey D. Luffy's second Sailing Again figure is getting a colored prototype and a release date...

The Strawhats captain and the auto-proclaimed "Next King of Pirates" is getting a much better second version. Seeing these magazine scans, the figure's release date will be April 2016, price is set at ¥9990 and the height is 220mm. No preorders date for now, and the promo pictures are promising, and if you have a strange feeling about his body ratios, it's because it's taken from a magazine, so don't worry! We've already seen an awesome B&W prototype during the Wonfest. We'll hit you again when more details are available, so stay tuned!