Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Animarket: Preorder now! Corazon & Law, Boa Limited!

OK guys, here we go! You all waited for this (including me), and finally it's here! Animarket just launched the preorders for Corazon & Law, and Boa Hancock Ver.BB Limited Edition...

Yes, you can finally secure your figures, and for awesome prices too! Corazon & Law are listed for 120USD, it's the cheapest price ever, and it's crazier because it's for two figures bundled together, both are nice looking with their special bases to memorize an iconic moment of the life of Trafalgar.

And away from the sadness comes Boa Hancock with a hot swimsuit, a dark red bikini that will transform you into stone if you keep looking to much (I've even got phantasms, mwahahaha!). Boa Hancock is listed for 79USD only. Both of the figures will be released in February 2016, and until this, let's start by preordering the figures! Good luck and HAPPY PREORDERS!