One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Preorders

Hey guys, we know that you're not only interested into POPs! You're One Piece fans after all, this event concerns all PC users who would like to get the new One Piece game, the first game to get released on PC ever!

The game is set to 49.99 USD on Steam, 49.99 Euros for European users, which is (in my personal opinion) not fair, and this is the first reason that I buy my games from third party sellers. For the second reason, I'm giving you an opportunity to pay less for Steam game, just buy it from Instant Gaming and you will get your authentic CD Key to activate it on Steam.

Here is the link guys: One Piece Pirat Warriors 3It's 41.31 USD only, cheaper than Steam. Why paying more for the same result! This is a reliable website, and you can go with them since I do buy from there since 3 years.

The game will be available in 3 days, so you have 3 days before start playing! Good luck ^^