Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Megahobby EXPO 2015 [SPRING]: A Very Limited Edition!

Time to review the most recent Megahobby EXPO 2015 [SPRING] edition! It will be short and very brief! Why? Because we've got only 5 new figures, and 2 of them were really unexpected! This edition is very limited, maybe it was the reason there were only Limited Edition figures too?

Like we mentioned (you probably know this), the 5 figures are Nami, Robin and Hancock Ver.BB, and Corazon & Law Limited Edition. It wasn't at the same level as the fans' expectations, but it wasn't "really" disappointing too. Let's see what we've got!

Corazon & Law - P.O.P Limited Edition: Corazon was wished by almost all of you, but what about a child Law? And what if they are in a Limited Edition set, with special bases! Cool right? Corazon is looking full of promises, especially the smoke of his cigarette! No release date have been announced yet, so stay tuned!

Nami Ver.BB - P.O.P Limited Edition: BB, BB, BB! Our Facebook page was full of Bs recently, reason? This sexy version of Nami... Inspired from the One Piece film: Z special episode, this Nami Ver.Bathing Beauty is terribly seducing and colorful. Preorders are already ON at Animarket, price is 75$ only and release date is September 2015.

Nico Robin Ver.BB - P.O.P Limited Edition: Same idea, same sculptor and same BB! This is the Nico Robin Ver.BB, and it's the first time we get a special Limited Edition Robin, Robin's got full armament with these divine curves and boobs and she's really hot! Nothing official yet, but it seems that this Nico Robin figure will be released in December.

Boa Hancock Ver.BB - P.O.P Limited Edition: How can Megahouse miss the chance to make a new sexy Boa Hancock figure! Of course they won't miss! It's the sexiest BB figure, she's standing in a sexy way, that makes you desire her so much! Also, it's not official, but this Boa will get released in January 2016! Until then, you have to be very patient to get your sexy lady!