Friday, May 1, 2015

Edition-Z is back! Limited Nami Ver.BB ??

Good news guys! (Especially for you Nancy!) Megahouse just announced another Edition-Z figure...
Despite this series have been stopped since an year now, Megahouse announced a nice comeback to the Movie Z related series, it's about the sexy navigator that we're talking!

Actually, the coming figure will be: Nami Ver.BB - P.O.P Edition-Z, tagged as a  Limited figure that will get released next September. But what does BB mean? Despite there is no photos of the model, we're going to say this is a "BaBy" version of Nami!

I think all of you guys have watched the movie, so I guess there is no spoils there; Nami have been transformed back into a child because of the powers of Ain. So we saw her as a child for the major parts of the movie.

I don't want to confirm my opinion about the coming figure, since we don't have official model yet, and also, since it's a Limited figure, it can be the Z costume of Nami to fit all the band on your shelves, as it can be another cute outfit of her... Only the coming days can confirm this, so guys, let me hear your opinions, and stay tuned! We will certainly see her at the next Megahobby EXPO!

Time has come to see the new Nami figure, and our theory was totally far from the truth! :( Nami Ver.BB - P.O.P Edition-Z is another cute and sexy Bikini version of Nami, we really wanted it to be a completion to the regular Edition-Z figures, but Megahouse got us, BB is not for Baby... Anyway, the result is so hot and sexy enough to convince us to get it!