Monday, May 25, 2015

All We Know About Nami Ver.BB

The next announced figure is really really hot, just like this summer... It's called Nami Ver.BB and it's awesome, here is all we know about the new Nami figure!

Nami Ver.BB... BB? BigBalls? BaBy? When first heard this, we directly went to the "Baby" theory, since during the Z movie, Nami have been turned into a child for almost all the movie, so we guessed and said it could be that Nami... BUT! Megahouse just took out another form, which is bigger, really bigger, with atomic boobs and deadly body curves and called it: Nami Bathing Beauty Ver.!

The BBN (Bathing Beauty Nami, XD) is (as announced) a Limited figure, release date is expected to be September 2015 and the price is ¥8424 (not bad for such a bomb). The figure is 130mm height and the sculptor is "Motoki Inada" the artist who made the Sadi-Chan figure too. (Thank you senpai for a such erotic figure).

OK, that's all folks! Now back to the first detail, the BB abbreviation, which I still think it's a little strange! I prefer to call her: Nami Ver. BigBoobs or Nami Ver. BulkyBitch, if you have another try, just throw it in the comment! One last detail: Preorders are for the next month! See ya guys and don't forget the Megahobby EXPO this weekend!