Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Animarket: Preorder now! HOT STUFF!!!

I just announced the preorders yesterday, but for the love and the passion, Animarket opened their preorders today! And there are heavy and loud stuff inside! Hottest and most wanted items are the new Zoro figure and Mr.2 Bon Kure, but in addition, there are 3 CB figures and some extra stuff...

Roronoa Zoro 10th Limited Ver. - P.O.P Neo DX is here! Finally a naked head, and... wait, THAT EPIC SMILE! This figure is definitively the best Zoro piece ever! And what make the best of it, it's the TRUE pre-time-skip version of the pirates hunter! Zoro is listed for only $77 at Animarket.


Next, we have the new Okama Queen (or King), Mr.2 Bon Kure-sama! He comes in his Impel Down outfit, a very iconic character that gave a lot to the series, Bentham is the next Limited Edition figure from Megahouse, the release date is August 2015 and the price is $75, awesome price for an awesome figure signed Fukuda, the big Fukuda Takashi!


We alse have the third CB-R colllection, which are Franky, Vivi and Usopp! The little guys are looking very cute, so you should profit while they are available for preorders, price is $33 each piece, release date is expected to be late July 2015.


MOAR, I WANT MOAR! That's not all One Piece fans, there is a special articulated figure from Megahouse that I would like to show here, it's not P.O.P, but it's worthy, especially if you're an Ace fan! The piece is called VAH - One Piece: Portgas D. Ace Action Figure and it's very nice! Take a look at this! Price: $72...