Thursday, December 25, 2014

Jump Festa 2015: JUST FEW, VERY FEW!

Jump Festa 2015 event happened the last week, we all waited a lot for this event to be the complimentary of the Megahobby Expo 2014 [AUTUMN] and see some new figures and some awesome colored prototypes... Unfortunately, we've got no new figures and just three colored ones, follow me and see the updates! 2015 sounds to be very hot!

So like I said, there is some updates for some figures already revealed during Megahobby EXPO, we start talking about the colored prototypes and the most eye-catching one is:

Eustass "Captain" Kid - P.O.P Limited Edition: BUT? Isn't it Sailing Again? Nope! Megahouse decided to change the class and they converted it to a Limited Edition P.O.P! Kid is looking cool now that he's got all of these vivid colors! We also have a release date now: June 2015!

Killer - P.O.P Limited Edition: Same for Kid's right hand! Killer is a Limited Edition and the release date is fixed for June 2015. Colors are vivid too and we really love the jolly roger on his shirt! Limited Edition figures are exclusive for MEGATREA SHOP, Mekke!, Toei Animation and Bandai Premium.

Roronoa Zoro 10th LIMITED Ver. - P.O.P Neo DX: Zoro is looking good too, I personally find his face a bit weird (can be edited since this is a prototype or I can be wrong!) and they accidentally show 2 headbands: first on his head, second is tied on his arm. But we can understand that this is an alternative pose and we conclude that we will have a second head without the green headband. What I like the most are the three earrings, they are long enough and shiny unlike the previous figures of the green-haired swordsman! No release date announced yet.

Sabo - P.O.P Sailing Again: Sabo is bringing the best surprise ever! He's got the Mera Mera no Mi fruit on the hand! This is awesome, a very important that fans will like very much, it just made me out of myself! Sabo is wearing his hat and looking very cool! This will be so far one of the iconic P.O.Ps of 2015!

Koala - P.O.P Sailing Again: Koala's got a second pose which is totally independent from Sabo and his hat! She's looking sexy with a generous breast (a little bit exaggerated!) and should look better once painted!

Franky, Usopp and Vivi - P.O.P CB-3R: We've got here the third wave of the CB series reprint! Franky, Usopp and Vivi are announced. The new reprints are using better colors schemes and colored bases, they look really nice and they match well with the respective Sailing Again figures!

More pics from the event: